Rowohlt publishes Daniel Hope's second book, "Wann darf ich klatschen?" (When do I applaud?)

Rowohlt, Germany's most prestigious publishing house releases Daniel Hope's second book, entitled "Wann darf ich klatschen? - Ein Wegweiser für Konzertgänger" (Translation: " When do I applaud?" - A guide for concert-goers).

Following the success of Daniel Hope's first book, a memoir entitled "Familienstücke", which was on the German bestseller list, this new book is a  personal  guide to what happens in the concert hall  - what to expect, what to wear, who's who on the platform - written for people who have never experienced the joy of a live concert  and who hesitate about participating in what might seem to the unitiated as an intellectual ritual requiring special knowledge and skills in order to be a member of the audience.    

Daniel Hope recalls  a number of anecdotal adventures, and traces the myths and clichés of the goings-on during a performance.  He also examines the historical context of the so-called rules of the concert scene,  eradicating a  number of them in the process.

The book is so far published in German only.

The official release date is September 18th, 2009.

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